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Use Borax and water.....Make a thick paste of the borax and put it on the mold.  Let it be for about a half hour then rinse clean

We have mold and mildew in our shower too. I used bleach to clean it and it just seamed to bleach the color of the mold away rather than killing it. It then came back twice as strong. I wasn't aware of the teatree being effective, definately trying this ASAP!

R Anderson:
Do NOT use bleach!!!! Yes, it removes the appearance of mold more quickly, but doesn't kill it. Bleached mold will return. Vinegar, Tea Tree oil or eucalyptus oil is a safer, more effective and permanent solution as they can be used regularly to safely kill mold and keep it from returning. All of these have strong odors, but those dissipate quickly.


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