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Re: Candle wax in the carpet


if you cant do it yourself with the ice or some other things ask professional for help....thankyou

Don't bother with the ice. Go straight for the iron method!

BLACK candle wax on WHITE CARPET i used paper towels and an iron, had a large pool of wax on carpet that dog stepped in...didn't pick up any wax with ice but the iron and paper worked WONDERS... there is a very faint gray spot that i am going to scrub out but the carpet feels normal to the touch..probably just traces of dye left over...but I was about to just DIE when this happened... and now its GONE....use a lot ofpaper towels and keep going til u dont have any 'greasy' spots showing up... THANKS

Joan Brooks:
I have already put ice on the candle wax and when it's dry tomorrow I will try the paper bag and ironing procedure. I will let you know if it works. Thank you for the instructions.


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