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Someone told me to get a cat. According to this person, a lot of times, snakes eat the same things as cats -- bugs, rodents, lizards, birds, etc. If a cat is around the area snacking on those things, there won't be as much food for the snakes and they will slither off to better hunting grounds.

There's also some kind of snake repellent you can buy at gardening stores. Its supposedly a powder that you sprinkle in your flower beds. I think it may be called Snake Rid, or something like that.

And, again, before you weed your garden or rake the leaves, its a good idea to poke a rake or broom into the brush and rattle it around. That should give the snake notice you're there; supposedly, snakes don't like encountering us any more than we like encountering them. Wait a couple of minutes before you start gardening so the snake has a chance to make his escape.

And, not to scare you, but if it is a rattlesnake, it can still strike you some time after its dead. Be cautious in handling a dead or alive rattler. If you are ever bit, go to the hospital emergency room right away.

Hope this helps!

After being bitten by a poisonous Copperhead when I was in my early teens, I am now terrified of all snakes....  I can not see them on TV, in glass fish tanks at pet stores, etc..  without really freaking out.  

While I understand some snakes are helpful to people, I personally would love to see ALL snakes extinct!  LOL

I think the suggestions here have been good about clothing and using rake tips, etc.  to avoid any confrontations with snakes.

I found it helps if you don't have places for the snakes to hide.  We keep the grass mowed and the weeds pulled.  At least we can see them coming. I'm not a snake person so I tell people that the lizards around here stand up and wave when I come around so I will not mistake them for snakes


--- Quote --- I was just wondering how the rest of you handle a fear of snakes that keeps you from getting started with a gardening job.I was raised in the country and of course as a kid we take alot more risks without a second thought.We were always playing in the woods and sticking our hands into berry bushes and honeysucle vines even though the last thing we'd hear from our parents before taking off on another adventure was "always" "you'd better watch out for snakes" and "ya'll be careful and watch for snakes".We never really saw any but I don't doubt they were there.Well we just recently bought a house with 4 acres and I am thrilled at the thought of the potential for gardens and flowers beds.But we have had several run ins with snakes already.We had one climbing up my bedroom window(outside after some baby birds),and several uncovered while raking leaves.So now I find myself putting off all the plans I had for my yard.I'm afraid I'm going to uncover them when I'm composting,or pulling back mulch in my flowerbeds,or raking.Our house is 50yrs old and so I know it's not as well sealed up as the more modern homes and we've had lizards get in so I know a baby snake could too.I want to get passed this and enjoy life in the country but I really don't like snakes.I know some think they are pretty and wonderful creatures but they give me creeps.So how do all of you get past the possibility of having an encounter with one while gardening?Thanks
--- End quote ---

I thought I would bring this up again since I also am afraid of snakes....I don't do any clearing in the summer....that's all done in the winter.  Many snakes are quite beneficial, so you dont' necessarily want to kill them, but you definitely want to keep them out of your living space and I can understand that!


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