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What Do You DO to Save on Utilites?    

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Recently I noticed air coming under the door so I attached clear packing tape to the the bottom part of the rubber strip. ›I then layered more tape over the first about 3 more times. ›(Make sure to hook the tape so it won't stick to the ground and tear off. ›Hook it to itself.) ›Now I have a draft dodger for about 50 cents (or less) worth of packing tape that should last quite awhile and that is nearly invisible. ›You could use duct tape but I like the idea of visitors not readily seeing my frugal draft dodger. › ›  

I turn the water heater off at night.  Use florescent bulbs and as an added bonus in the summer it isn't as hot as regular bulbs.  I cook 2 or more meals at once and keep the heat down low during the day.  At night I wear a blanket while reclining.  When I get up I move rapidly to increase blood flow thus I stay warmer and increase my metabolism.

I usually air dry my clothes. I Put the rack in the bathtub after we are done showering. Until then (or if I am tired) I keep it in the bedroom hidden from view.  If I have more than 1 rack I just put both in my bedroom or out on the porch in the sun.  Once in a while I put clothes in the dryer for a few minutes to remove lint.

I always spin my clothes in the washer 2-3 extra times. This gets alot of water out of them and then they dry in about half the time. It is the dryer that takes so much electricity.

I know that there are a lot of ways to save money on Utilites.  Please include your ideas.  I know that will help everyone.


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