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Why not paint your own pictures on these can lids much like people paint saw blades. You might punch holes in designs form. Then use some kind of seal on them reopen the holes .
try hanging them in a window to see if you like it as a suncatcher. Maybe fit it over a some kind of light to show it off against your house, or a corner of a room.
I did this once when I was a kid. I attached the punch hole cat  over my flashlight.

Everything has value you just got to want to find it.

Make coasters.  Punch holes in them to make your design then glue them on a piece of plastic with white paper under it.  Then glue that onto a piece of cork.  I suggested the plastic to preserve the white paper.  You could just glue the lid onto a piece of cork. The design might show through.

You could make trivets out of them. Just hook some legs on the bottom to hold hot food.

I can't understand why people inflict that noise on their neighbors. ›It can be quite noisy especially on a windy day. ›The high pitch noise they make is terrible. ›Next time you put out a wind chime remove it after listening for a bit. ›You can always put it back up another time but please NEVER leave it up. › › Please don't take offense but some people can't tolerate high pitch noise so be coonsiderate.

 use them to make wind chimes ::)


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