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Put a small picture over the can lid.

Take a nail and hammer and poke holes thru the lid at intervals along the picture pattern.

Remove picture.

Glue some ribbon or other kind of trim around lid edge.

Glue or poke a hole for a hanger.

You just made a "tin punched" ornament!!

If there are no sharp edges as I believe from what you wrote then maybe you can use them to frame pictures.  Put a small picture inside each and hang them.  Maybe you could make them into magnets.  You can decorate them with stuff that will glue on such as small pine cones and make small wreathes.  You can hook them together and make table tops.  Either punch holes in them and tie them together then put a piece of glass on top.  Or liquify the metal and make one whole piece.  You could also use a punch and make designs inside the lid.  I have a Christmas decoration done that way. It is a a rocking horse with ribbon glued aound the edges.  Maybe you could glue wrapping paper around it and make other ornaments.  You could also use them to scare away birds in your garden.  Or cover them to make coasters. :)

Thank you tk625.  But I don't want to get rid of them.  I want to make something out of them. ::)

I wash my lids and usually accumulate them in an empty tuna fish can.  Then when I get it full, I use masking tape to seal the top and put in my recycle bin.  They have always been picked up.   If a tuna fish can isn't big enough, then use a coffee can - empty, of course - ha ha.  

Can anyone tell me what to do with can lids that have been removed with the safety can openers? >:(


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