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Removing Tape Residue Off Vinyl


Sakirjaman: should try with alcohol first...otherwise ask for professional help....

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Hi Marian,

I tried the alcohol and it must be ours is more of a heavier duty adhesive because it will remove some of it but you still feel it is there after the alcohol has been used.

By accident I learned just plain rubbing alcohol  cleans off adhesive. Real easy!

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Q. We recently bought a vinyl screen door. Like any item you purchase this day it had a great deal of adhesive when we removed the various tags on the door. We have been warned not to use any product with xylene in it. This eliminates GooGone and GoofOff so I was wondering if any of you know what will take the adhesive off. I know there can be many answers to this subject so please give me your answer and experience even if someone has mentioned it earlier in the topic. Thanks, Randal


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