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That is  a great suggestion on how to dry it out in between uses.  However, my biggest concern is how to take the irregular pieces and wet them, apply them and not drop them any further.  Some way to enclose them and still have it porous enough that the substance can be applied.  Something similar to a panty hose substance but much smaller.  Sorry I didn't make myself clearer the first time.

What about using a piece of a sponge?  You can cut it to size so it doesn't take up a lot of space and then you can place the "stone" there to dry after you use it.

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I use a roll on deodorant that is actually a stone with a rounded top that I apply to my underarm.  Today the stone fell out of the applicator and broke off a portion of the rounded surface.  I now have some big pieces that I don't know how to keep using.  Do any of you have any ideas how to keep using those pieces?  You have to make the stone wet before it can be applied so it needs to be some sort of way to wet the pieces and then let them dry out in between times of use.




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