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instead of paper cups


I don't know about coffee filters as i think they're a bit too absorbent?

My gran used to use parchment paper all the time, and it was a great ritual with all the grandkids - we'd know it was baking day when we arrived at her house to be presented with scissors!

How about coffee filters that you cut and stuff in the tin.  Would that also work?  I don't bake much that is one reason I am asking these questions.  Plus I really don't know. Thanks for any answers.

Wouldn't Pam work as well? İOr some sort of light oil? İThough I do like the idea of using parchment paper instead of muffin cups.  

 ::)if you run out of muffin cup papers, cut a piece of parchment paper in a circle and use that it works very well.


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