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Hinge bushing pin of fridge door is loose due to crumbly door insulation


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Not actually seeing your refrigerator, I am not sure  if this suggestion will work.  Most refrigerators have a cam at the bottom of the door and not the insulation that the pin actually pivots on.  So you might want to look at this video to see how to replace the cam and hinge assembly if needed.

Let us know if this helps.



I so hope you can help me! I've noticed some time ago that our fridge door has lowered somewhat and had to be supported from below (with foot) in order to get it closed again. I didn't check but thought it must be a washer that needs to be replaced. Today when my husband opened the door it fell out. We saw that the pin at the bottom of the door has been pushed into the insulation of the door (a hard styrofoam) because the insulation has become crumbly at this part of the door. So due to this the pin has been pushed into the door and the door has lowered. Is there any chance to harden the insulation again (with a glue or a resin maybe) so the pin can be put back to its original place and make it stay there? We cannot afford buying a new fridge at the moment so we need a solution.

Maybe somebody can help?

Thank you so much,


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