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Speaking of cutting up chicken...Why is it that I can't seem to find a cut up whole chicken anywhere, anymore? I have to buy pieces already cut up and packaged for fried chicken. Have you tried to cut up a whole chicken? I always seem to have these little "funky" pieces left over and a huge breast that no one seems to want to eat! Any suggestions?

I would love to buy a whole chicken and separate the pieces but I have never attempted to do it.

Is there a stratgy to cutting the bird up?

I often buy whole fryers aroung the Thanksgiving holidays.  So many people are buying turkey during this time that the price of chicken goes way down in supermarkets.  I then freeze it and cook with it later.

 :o  I can't believe how high groceries are anymore.  I buy whole chickens and cook them in my large crock pot (usually two of them).  The first night, our family of four eats on one chicken plus sides.  I then pick the meat off that chicken and refrigerate the other whole chicken.  The next day, I add barbeque sauce and we have BBQ sandwiches for lunch.  For dinner that night, I cut off filets from the second whole chicken and fry them up in a little butter with onions.  Sometimes I'll add some lemon pepper or other seasoning.  I pick off the rest of the chicken and use in a casserole or to make chicken and dumplings etc.  

If I catch them on sale, I can get a whole chicken for 2 or 3.00, so for around 6.00, I have meat for 4 meals.  Not bad.


I'm not really into cutting off bones and I buy lots of chicken breasts when they're on sale.  The grocery store has them for half off or more very often.  I NEVER pay full price for chicken!


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