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saving money on chicken

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I buy several whole chickens, cut them up at home, remove skin and bones.  The chicken pieces are packaged for the freezer.  The skin and bones are put into a large dutch oven with water to cover, onions, carrots, celery and a sprig of parsley, salt and pepper.  It boils for a couple of hours, I remove the bones and skin and let it cool, skim off the fat, and pour it into icecube trays then into containers for the freezer.  The broth is used for soupstock, and also added to twice baked potatoes for a better flavour than butter (I think)!
But you can come up with all kinds of ideas to use it for and it is virtually a free grocery item.

Esther Kirk:
I buy whole chickens (on sale this week for .47/lb) and separate the parts.  Put legs together, wings together, and breasts together.  I figure that I buy the whole chicken for not much more than the legs, thighs, and breasts would cost separately.  The cat appreciates the backs if I don't give them to my aunt for soup!

I know chicken boneless chicken breast cost is so high...just a note about this, would have to weigh the skin and bone to see how much you really saved.

Brenda V.:
I was grocery shopping today and boneless breast of chicken was $4.99/lb.  The split chicken breasts with bone and skin on was $.99/lb.  I bought the split breasts and took the bone and skin off before freezing.  For fifteen minutes of my labor I saved $4.00/lb.  Since I bought several packages ( a total of approx. 5 lbs) I saved $20.00!!!!!  Unbelievable!!


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