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I don't think you can keep credit collectors from calling by being on the DO NOT CALL list.  It's like political and non-profits ... they get the right to still harass you for some odd reason.

Sometimes the Attorney General's office has ideas on this kind of thing. 

You could also ask the collector's what proof they need to show that you are not the one with the collections they're assigned and then provide it.

If you've resolved this, let us know how you did it so others can benefit.

Thanks for your reply Robin,

We have already checked our credit and there is nothing wrong there.  We have confirmed the last four digites of this other person and his address.  I forget the last four (SS#) but I do know that he lives in San Antonio.

RobinS: probably need to pull your credit bureaus and make sure someone hasn't stolen your idenapplesy.

 I have a question concerning bill collectors and was wondering if anyone could answer it for me.  I have searched the internet but most questions posed are for those who do owe money.
I returned to the states in 2004 and settled here in Texas  Almost immediate my husband and I began receiving calls from various collectors (Sears, Sam's Club and others).  At first I tried to work with these collectors explaining to them that we are not the people that they are looking for my husband just happens to have the same name.  We don't even have a Sears or Sam's Club account.  It has been 3 years and the calls continue, we don't know what else to do short of paying this persons bills.  How can I stop the calls?  We are on the "do not call list".  Has this happend to anyone else?

Thank you for any help anyone can give.

Mandy C:
Check out under debt settlement or debt management. There are form letters, a great forum etc. there. I sent my letters out certified mail and in about a week the calls just stopped. The law protects you. ;)


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