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lisa Mickey:
Rick.. First off.. Don't loose sleep over it !! I feel for you and your wife to deal with this.. But trust in the Lord.. and relax.. after all it's only money!!
I wasn't sure by your letter if you OWE money to the agency ? But assuming you do.. & they are harrassing you. YOu need to send a registered letter to them stating you want them to cease with the phone calls.. NOW !  also remind them they could be sued for making calls After you notify them by mail !
(One guy actually makes 30,000 a year from sueing Telemarketers for calling him , & more info : Tape recorded telemarkting calls have been illegal for Years ! ))
IF you owe money.. work out a plan with them.. get it ALL in Writing .. don't rely on phone calls.. Make copies of all your letters to them.. and copies of their mail to you .. (so you can send a copy with each letter you write. ) I like to Show them exactly what I am responding to in all business dealings.

Check out these web sites too;,
and Yahoo Groups  has many saving money groups to ck out.
I pray this was of some help to you !

I have a collection agency that has been calling me every day and some times even more than once per day. The main problem, when I answer the phone they hang up. Therefore, I have no idea who is calling. Even with Caller I.D. I don't know who is calling. Since it comes up as unknow caller and number. I finnaly found out who it was and asked them to stop calling me and hanging up. If they have something to say, they can't very well say anything to me if they hang up the phone once I answer it. But that has not stopped them from calling several times a day. In fact they have called here three (3) times today already.
How can I stop this hassel from this people. Nothing I say has any effect. Both my wife and I are disabled and these types of calls upset my wife enough that she has to take meds for her nerves and go to bed. That is not right. my nerves are not the best in the world either.
Please help me come up with an answer to this very bothering problem.
Thank You,
Louisville, MS.


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