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cayenne pepper in your garden


Well said.  You can use ladybugs to deter some pests, mainly insects but pets should be kept in private property and not left to roam.

I've tired moth balls because the rabbits were eating my new seedlings in my flower garden AND my rosebushes.  I thought the moth balls would keep cats out too.
My husband thought a bunny was in the garden the other day and he looked again and a CAT was laying in my flower garden amongst the moth balls!  I don't want to hurt a cat with pepper or whatever, but I do believe people should keep their cats indoors to protect them.  No pets should be outside roaming around - cats OR dogs. ;)

kim mulek:
i saw that some body suggested using cayenne pepper in the garden to deter not use this!  if a cat gets it on his feet later when he grooms himself he could get it in his eyes...i have read that cats have litterally scratched their eyes out over this...please be careful!  thank you


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