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Broken Makeup


Linda Colucci:
I would take all the broken pieces and put them into a small, clean empty jar -- perhaps a small pill bottle, or a large pill box with a secure lid, or a lip gloss container with a screw-on lid.  Even a small zip-lock baggie would work.  Crush the pieces with a toothpick or even a coffee-stirrer -- then use a brush to apply the blush powder.  Works for me on blush and powder foundation also.

Christine Anderson:
I dropped a compact filled with blush and the blush itself shattered into a hundred pieces.  It's still good, but it makes a powdery mess when I open it, and of course I can't put it in my purse, because it leaks.  :(

Does anyone know how I can re-solidify it into the chunk it's supposed to be?  

I tried water, but it just beaded up.  




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