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It's been a while since the last posting.  So, how did things work out for your?  I'm $12,000 in debt and have started putting myself on a strict debt pay-off diet.  Hope things worked out well for you.

Honesty is the best policy. If he loves you he will help you but be prepared to go on a strict budget. At least until all the debt is paid. He will not be happy but there will be no secrets between the both of you. Your marriage is a union between two people that promise to love each other for better or worse.

I am looking for references regarding the debt into wealth program.  Has anyone used it with the results it's claiming.

I appreciate any advice or info regarding DIW..
Thank you

Sounds like you need to go on a money diet. All the reply posts I've read are good. As you explore this site, I think you'll find numerous ways to save money and lower your expenses. Still, $40000 is alot to chip away at. You can do it! Take a cold hard look at your spending habits. I cover the mortgage, kid's stuff, food, and half the entertainment, as well as half the home improvement projects. I only make $26000. Sacrifices are not so bad if you know what to cut. It can be fun, too. In my case, its an obsession!

Good luck and take care! You realize you have a problem and are reaching out to deal with it....good for you!

That is not a marriage, it is a weird partnership based on his desire to hored his money.  I am curious what he does with the money he has spare. You should have both incomes go into a joint account and all expenses go out of that account.   Expecting you to pay 50% of home improvements and vacation is absolutely absured.  If he divorces you based on your financial problems then so be it.  Any debt you have incurred will be spilt down the middle by the courts after he leaves.  


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