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I have used cream of tarter to clean scuff marks off of my white kitchen floor.. it works wonders! Good luck to you and let everyone know what you find to work.

Yes I have tryed it but it  does not work ...thanks for the info tho

Have you tried mr clean magic eraser?  This thing works wonders!  You can probably even get a coupon for it at

Lois McVay:
I don't know what kind of floors you have but I have found Comet (or Ajax or something similar) to work quite well in getting scuff marks off.

Brenda S:
 :( We just moved to a new home and I didn`t relize my kitchen chairs were leaving dents in my floor so i fixed that BUT when we have moved the chairs arround now i have scuff marks on my floor( white ) and i can not get rid of them . Does anyone know what i could try to get rid of these marks?
Thank you


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