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Wallpaper paste remover


You can try Def it is in a spray bottol

You can also try a heat gun to melt/remove whatever adhesive is holding the paper to the wall.

You could try vinegar and hot water on a small area, about 1 to 5 mixture with hot water being the 4 parts of the mix.

If the problem was the paste, then I'd say warm water followed by a scraper should work. I had a similar problem but with drywall. The paper had adhered so tightly to the drywall that it actually removed the outer layer of the drywall! No matter what I did, the walls were left looking gouged. Spackling on drywall compound to fill the gouges is the only reasonable solution. I'm not sure what to do about plater, though.

If a wall has never been painted before then it needs to be properly prepared prior to using wallpaper!

I have wallpaper in my bathroom the paper is already remove but it is all pitted underneath i dont know if  that is from the paste or if it is plaster i tried to sand it with a real course paper for stripping and i also tried to use a wallpaper scraper but nothing seems to be working very well i need HELP!


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