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I notice that they've shut down that website in 2007 so it does appear that business may not have been doing the right thing.


It appears to be a legit post to me. Why would someone go through all that trouble, with such a long story, if it weren't true? Where is the rebuttal anyway? It appears that Christina Harer at did not take care of this customer. If this story were not true then what would be gained anyway? There is no compeapplesion for EVs in the Newport area. Yep, it looks like Christina Harer and her business partner Christopher Selter, a graphics designer for, did not take care of business.

this is a bogus report and the person that wrote it used our email without permission.  please remove the entire posting.  They do not have the legal right to use our email or company info.  Thank you very much.

The Me and My EV From Hell
If you're considering trying to do the "Right Thing" by buying a Me and My EV, here are a few things for you to consider
It's been months as this web page is prepared. More than one month ago I bought an "nEV" as they're called - a neighborhood Electric Vehicle - to further my interests in conserving the environment. As the owner of the World's only Electric Passenger Vessel of her class it made little sense to burn up fossil fuels while going between boat and cafe and home. I investigated all of them and elected to pay more for a Ford Think because it was being sold through a local dealer in Newport - Me and My EV - and because it felt like a better car.

To date I have been able to drive the vehicle for four days. The rest of the time the vehicle has been in the service department of Ken Grody Ford. Why? Beats the hell out of me. I built an electric propulsion system for a 66 long ton vessel in three days that has operated faultlessly for three and one-half years at this writing (knock wood). Yet, Ford can't seem to build a little car that can go for a few days without breaking down.

Me and My EV's reaction: Tough, in my opinion. Notwithstanding the fact that the vehicle was sold and delivered to me with a non-functioning odometer and speedometer making mileage on delivery uncertain at 137 (I'm letting the DMV deal with that issue). Would I buy from them again: No. Not even if they had the world's greatest EV. Customer Care was dismal - nonexistent in my opinion. Service was terrible and continues along that path, too. (I have yet to receive delivery of the windows I paid for a month ago, not that I have a car to put them on.)

Christina Harer MeandmyEV me an my ev
Christina Harer the Me and My EV From Hell
Christina Harer, MeandmyEV, Me and my EV,
Christina Harer MeandmyEV Me and my EV the Me and My EV From Hell electric car

I love to Freecycle, I have put stuff on our local board that I know longer wanted or needed and I have gotten some stuff too.  I have even helped people who were asking for stuff that I had but had not thought to get of.  



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