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A "Grocery Bag" trash can

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The regular trashcans made of plastic (i.e., Rubbermaid) have a place on each end to hook up the handles of plastic bags.  Each end has two vertical pieces which work perfectly.  Take a look  ;D

I have a couple of plastic trash cans that don't have knobs, but they do have a little handle thing  on  either side. You loop the handles of your plastic shopping bag on each one and they hold up well. I have had these several years and I believe they may have come from Wal-mart or K-mart.

For larger trash bags (Hefty bags, etc.), there are patterns that have a rectangle box made of wood, with a lid that is  square. You fold the top of the kitchen-sized Hefty bag over the top of the box and then set the lid on it to hold it on the box. The lid has a door that swings up, so you can deposit garbage in it without taking off the  part that holds the bag. When the bag is full, then you can remove the whole thing and take the bag to the curb or dumpster. I bought mine from a crafts market but I know there is a woodworking pattern for this thing floating around somewhere. I can't use it in my present tiny apartment but I've used this thing in my houses and there is never a problem with insects or odor if you take the trash out once or twice a week.

I thought I saw them in the lilian vernon catalog on line.


 I f you can't find the special can to hold the grocery bags, you can use an idea I use, the waist band from a pair of pantyhose. You cut it off an old pair of pantyhose, and put it around the top of the trash can once you pull the grocery bag over the edge of the can. It is reusable since it is on the outside of the can and doesn't get dirty!

I have also seen them at good old WalMart.  I have had mine for 3 years and its great!  Holds up to lots.  Only problem was it was white, and after lots of use it started to look pretty sad.  So, I spray painted it with that new Fusion paint by Krylon.  I had it and a few flowerpots I wanted to keep but the colors didn't work, I bought one can and went to town.  All came out great, now everything is the color I want and it was like $3.00 for the can of paint.  ;D Sure beat replacing everything else!


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