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A "Grocery Bag" trash can

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 :) Thank you's also extended to "sewsmith" & "whansber"...what a great community of assistance here at frugal life! Thank you also to the author of our latest newsletter--I think that I'm getting such great responses because my post was included in it!

I bought mine through one of those mail order catologs that have misc household stuff in them.  But you could in the meantime take a regular small can and use clips on the sides the big paperclamps, clothespins etc to hood the bags onto.  2 clips on each side.

I have also purchased them from Starcrest of California for about $5.  I like these as they are a trash can with the knobs, so if a bag leaks, it's contained.  I had one that just held the handles and didn't like it because of this.

 :) THANK YOU, THANK YOU "InAlabama"!! There is a Lowe's not too far from where I live so I will check them out first, & if they don't have one then I'll have Harriet Carter to fall back on! Good 'ole Harriet Carter! Never thought that one day I'd actually order something from them! Thanks a zillion! :)

Right after I left my last post, I picked up a Harriet Carter catalog and right there on pg. 67 is the bag wastebasket.  You can get it at by searching for "grocery bag wastebasket"


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