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A "Grocery Bag" trash can

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Matthew Drollinger:
Since I moved away from my parents and into my apartment a few years ago I've been using one of those large popcorn tins (the kind you see around Christmas time) as my garbage can.  It fits very nicely under my sink where nobody can see it, and those plastic grocery store bags fit perfectly inside.  Also, since such popcorn tins come in a variety of designs, you can probably find one that blends in with your home decor. ;D

Over the years I've never been able to use a "swing top" type of garbage can in the kitchen because of ants.

So I've managed kitchen trash by using a very large plastic  icecream container (about 5L) and using the plastic bags from shopping. The container fits nicely under the sink and I've never had any trouble with flies or insects.

The rubbish is easily disposed of by taking out the plastic bag and tieing up the handles, and depositing in the garbage bin outside.

I've been doing this for over 20 years.  Only expense was the icec ream!  Naturally I've gone through more than one container in 20 years, but it's amazing how long they last.

 :) Thanks to everyone writing in with tips & advice on my "grocery bag trash can" quest. I like the ideas of using clothespins, large clamps & thick rubberbands to hold the bags up in the can. Even just finding the right size can where the bag can stretch out enough to form a tight fit is a sensible idea! However, I still long for the can with the "knobs" because they keep the bag upright & hold up under a fair amount of stress from heavy trash (short of the grocery bag itself breaking because of too much weight). They are also handy when you're ready to take the trash out--just lift the grocery bag handles up & away you go. I will check out Lowe's & then Harriet Carter's as previously suggested. Thank you all very much!

I've had good luck with various sizes of bags and cans using a great big rubber band to hold the bag over the rim of the can.  One that's a little wider works greatfor gripping.

I use my plastic grocery bags with a trash can that we bought at wal-mart.  Take a bag with you and you'll find one that you can stretch the bags to fit.  They never slip down since that little extra "stretch" makes them snug.  Like one of the other posts, I like have the "safety net" can beneath it for those leaks because although we try to make sure there isn't a hole in the bag, there always is now and then.


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