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Since Witch Hazel is mild, I have used it for dabbing on mosquitoe bites, and cleaning my dogs ears.  My vet tends to be "holistic" and even approved of it (Q-tips are still a no-no).

I used neat witch hazel as a cleansing astringent until I was about 24 (I'm female); since then, I dilute it under the tap by about half for a splash-on toner instead.

Do you have a brand of witch hazel that doesn't have alcohol in it?  All I've seen has alcohol and it really dries my skin out.

J Haaland:
I have always just used my witch hazel straight from the bottle with a cotton ball and it works great!

I noticed that many of you reccomend witch hazel as a natural frugal astringent. I was wondering if it was diluted before application or does anyone have any other reccomendations as to what can be added to it? thanx


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