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Old label residue on plastic


Linda Wilkey:
rubbing vegtable oil on the spot will dissolve it.  Leave it on overnight and just rub it with you finger.  It will wash right off in hot, soapy water.

I've had great success with a product called Goo Gone.  It can be found in Walmart, Kroger, just about any discount store and a lot of grocery stores.  It doesn't cost much and goes a long, long way.

Hope this helps, good luck!

WD-40 (or other similar type of spray-lubricant) works very well in removing old label residue.  Spray it on the residue, allow it to sit for a minute, and it should come off with a paper towel very easily.  If the residue is not thick sometimes you can just spray WD-40 onto the paper towel and rub the residue off with it.  Good luck!

I need some suggestions on how to clean old label residue from the face of plastic drawers in some wood cabinets I have.  I estimate the labels were in place 20 years.  The paper labels are brittle but come off easily.  Not so with the adhesive residue.  I'm trying not to mar the plastic. ???


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