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smoke smell out of home/carpet from woodstove


I have never done it, but someone told me to sprinkle ground coffee around...of course, you gotta be careful no to put it where it will stain something.

Pet Force is something that takes odors out of anything!  Even skunk.  I would think it would work on carpet, furniture or whatever you needed to spray.  You dilute it and it does a great job.  Used it to get cat urine odor out.  It even goes into the padding under the carpet which is good.  You can find it online with a search.  You can use it in a carpet cleaning machine too.

Odor-Ban is an enzyme based cleaner that worked for me after I had a fire.  Sam's Club is the only place that carries it but I don't know if you can buy it online from them.  It's concentrated for pre-laundry soaks and also comes in a spray bottle that I used on carpets.

Try placing bowls of vinegar around your rooms. Sometimes that will soak up the smell.

cindi bell:
I forgot to turn off the blower on my wood burning stove... fire smoldered...was away 16 hours...came home to a house that smelled like we had a three alarm fire in it. I've tried freezing the family (keeping the windows open) ,  burning candles, incense, placing pine-sol around the house.The smell is gross!!! I had to wash all clothing and curtains.PLEASE HELP ME.....I cant stand this awful smell.  



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