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Keep my car or trade it in?

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My 1998 Tracer (same as an Escort, just a different name) has gone well over the 100,000 mile mark with no problems at all. (Well, I did get stranded once with a flat tire, but that's not a mechanical problem...) I plan to keep my little Tracer until the wheels fall off. Which won't be for a long, long time at the rate we're going. The older Tracers-Escorts were not as reliable (I had an oldstyle Escort back in the 80s), but the 90s versions are really good cars. Good gas mileage, too.

I know these are old posts but the subject is still timely and pertinent. I, too, like several others have posted, believe that my relationship with a vehicle is literally for the long haul. Mine is paid for which is a definite plus over a monthly payment, has been regularly serviced , cleaned and maintained and looks as good as the newest models (even the same body style)though it is almost 5 years old and I bought it over a year ago with almost 100,000 miles on it, the bank had all of the service records. It cost less than one third of the cost of the identical vehicle except a little later model than mine. It gets 34-40 MPG, same as the newer and newest models. I do keep my vehicles until they can no longer go any further usually several hundred thousand miles and they have always provided me with very reliable transportation as I live in a rural area with no public transit and biking is not an option. Too bad they are no longer hitching posts for my horse once we get to town to pick up some necessities at WalMart--hahaha. I do love my Paint. He's very economical, too. Blessings to all.

Depending on how well the car has been taken care of, it probably has several tens of thousands of miles in it if it has only reached 100,000 miles.  But whatever you do (purchase another car or not), don't trade it your existing car--sell it yourself as the dealer will always offer you WAY below fair market value!  Every car I have sold (let's see, there's been three) I have been able to sell with only a tad more hassle than if I traded the car in.  Since you live in Pittsburgh, I would highly suggest listing your car on Craigslist, which is completely free and highly effective (have purchased and sold several things on there in the SF Bay Area.)  Post as much info as you can in your ad about the car (to minimize the amount of email you receive asking basic questions) and definitely take the time to take (and post) pics, and voila... car will sold in little time.  Good luck!

Being a car hobbyist to say the least, I would say ditch whichever one has the 100,000 miles and go for a new car this August or September. Most car companines (depending on the label) want to get rid of their new old stock around the fall season as a steady line of the new ones come rolling in. Cars also tend to break down in cycles, where 100,000 is a major cycle of work that usually needs to be done. This is why extended warraties only last till around 100,000 miles, because they know that is when the serious work needs to be done. You also may want to find a model that is getting a makeover for the 2005 year, so the 2004 models will be at their cheapest, as dealers want what they consider to be an outdated look off the lot. Our family bought a 2001 Camry in late August just as the newly redesigned 2002s were coming out. Its a great way to get a good deal.  ;D

I would say keep the car as long as it will run.  You'll never get as much money for it as it is worth by trading it in.  I have a 1995 Lumina with 200,000 miles on it.  I running it til it dies!


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