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I have an article on critter control:

Good info on peppermint and catnip for mosquito detterents.

I am not sure what you bathe your dogs in but AVEDA Shampure Shampoo works great!  They can't claim it since they do not do animal testing but my groomer swears by it. works great for preventing head lice.

I take care of my pets holistically and I live in the woods with no flea or tick problems.  I use diatamacous earth outside and I have a recipe for a flea spray that is chemical free:

Getting to the "root" of the problem may be better than trying to attack the result.  Such as, washing out the garbage can will take away flies and maggots, instead of trying to figure out what kind of food the flies won't eat.

Fleas are a parasite and seek garbage to eat.  They don't seem to be as interested in clean blood as they do in toxic blood.  We've had cats for 28 years without fleas and have lived in the woods and they go outdoors for about 30 minutes each day and live most of the rest of the day in nice weather on the screened porch with a floor that is 2x4's so there's plenty of space for fleas to hop through from the ground 18" below.

What made the difference is feeding nutritious pet foods that are not made from garbage parts of animals with hormones, etc.  We also use supplements as a daily preventative.  Things such as spirulina, enzymes, vitamin C, dandelion, etc.  Rotating between various things that we believe to be good for them.  

It's just like humans.  If we eat right and keep our immune system up, we can be around people with the flu and not "catch it."  It's about the terrain of the body, just like the terrain of the garbage can.

We use Flint River Foods and Nature's Sunshine herbs.  Quality is the first consideration.  For us being frugal is making sure we don't just consider price.  Cost is what we look at.  Cheap pet food looks great, but the resulting costs of it are a much greater expenditure.

We used to have all kinds of health issues with cats such as cysapplesis, fleas, skin problems, respiratory issues, sores that wouldn't heal, etc. Vet bills are now a thing of the past, especially with the new information on not needing all those shots!

By the way, spraying chemicals in the yard and around your pets is one way to get them toxic real fast.  Consider if a substance is designed to kill fleas, it's going to kill a "flea size" bit of us each time we come into contact with us and like arsenic, it doesn't take much to make a difference in our health.  Regardless of the Chem Lawn companies advertising with children and pets all over the lawn, if you read EPA reports, there's nothing safe about it.

I hope I don't come across as condemning because I do not mean to be.  We all learn as we pass through this life.  I just have a passion about all the toxins that have been dumped into our world and all the cancer and health issues that we've been surrounded with since they all became a common thing.

Huggies to your doggies and you for caring enough to keep trying to find a solution for your pets.

Kathryn Nielsen:
We kept fleas off our dog with Pennyroyal oil.  I'd fill a 4cup jug, include a couple of drops of oil, and slowly pour over the dog as a final rinse.  I didn't rinse it off.  I also put a few drops into a spray bottle and sprayed our house and the dog's bed.  Outside I sprinkled lime everywhere.  We haven't seen a flea since.


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