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I always add baking soda to my wash it softens the water and makes the detergent work my efficiently.  I don't use fabric softner instead I use vinegar it also softens the water and it gets more of the detergent out of the clothes.  I know this probably goes against everything you were taught, I know it does mine, but you might want to get the clothes inside and wash them that way too.  That way it takes longer for the clothes to fade.


It could be the detergent you are using.....they can be really harsh and fade clothing quickly.  I use Sunshine Concentrate from Nature's Sunshine and have not had an issue with fading.

I have also heard that when you have something new, to wash it in cold with a bit of vinegar to set the color, but I have not done it, so can't vouch for that.

I have very hard water in my house. I believe this is why my husbands dark blue work uniforms fade so fast. Other than installing a very expensive water softner. Does anyone have advise to prevent this from happening. Thanks K


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