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Painting an Old Grill Using Auto Paint Shop


Jack Zavada:
If you're talking about a barbecue grill, they now have high-heat resistant spray paint, in cans, that you can use to paint a grill yourself. It's available at Wal-Mart and most hardware stores for about $4 a can. As the previous reply said, the auto paint shop will be expensive, and the suggestions to pay or barter with a friend or relative to do the job for you would save you lots of money. Check this spray paint out--hardware store clerks are always happy to advise you.

Auto body shops are pretty expensive.  I would look for a handyman that does odd jobs.  Or, you could think of somebody you know that could paint it and offer a trade off of something you could do in return.  Baking, sewing, etc.  If it's a large grill it would be hard to move and you'd probably need somebody to come to your place rather than having to take it to a body paint shop.

Can a grill be painted by an auto paint shop.  I was thinking the paint shop is experienced and would provide an excellent paint for the grill.  Any suggestions?  I have severe allergies, and could not paint it myself.


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