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Stainless Steel Pots and Butter


This post is from Jane

Donna asked how to get stains out of stainless steel pots.  CAMEO is an
aluminum & stainless steel cleaner.  It can be purchased in grocery stores or Wal-Mart-type stores.  It's located in the same area as Comet or Ajax cleansers.  It's wonderful.

I don't see why SOS or Brillo pads wouldn't take it off. Other than that, you might try boiling some baking soda and water in the pan until the water is almost evaporated.

We melt butter for popcorn and it seems every stainless steel pot [or measuring cup that I use in place of the pot]  gets rust looking stains on it as if the chrome is eaten away.  This has happened on several items in our kitchen.  Does anybody know why or how to get the spots off?

Thanks for any help offered!


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