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WE had a our kitchen remodeled a couple of years ago and with research, we determined that the most durable is a brand called Wilsonart.....I have the mat finish and this one looks and feels like marble, has that texture on the will also want to get a rolled edge.....that way you don't deal with the curly or the sides popping off like with the old timey or lower quality laminate counter tops.

I agree don't get a solid color.  I would say no to blue also.  Nothing is going to blend with blue.  Ours are white with tan and beige swirls and it looks great even dirty.

I've had both and have liked the matte finish - it shows up scratches less and the key to not letting dirt show as much is getting a pattern that has varied colors in it so it looks like dirt may just be part of the design.  That works on vinyl flooring also.  Learned that after getting one that was a solid color --- don't we learn best by experience!


I want to buy new countertops and am concerned what would be easiest to keep clean, the high gloss or matte finish on the laminate?  The colour I am looking at is a dark blue.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I need a easy to keep top.  I have no kids,just not the best housekeeper.


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