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FIRE STARTERS ... for wood or camp fires, BBQ's

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You only need 4 things:

cardboard egg cartons (use just the bottom part)
wood shavings/curls
old wax
old cookie sheet or something to set the egg cartons on

Put the egg carton bottoms on the cookie sheet ... any extra wax will then go onto the cookie sheet and not on the counter.  Stuff about 1/4 cup of wood shavings into each "egg".  Melt the wax and pour it over the wood shavings.  Let dry over night and the next day cut the egg cartons into individual "eggs".  

When you want to start a fire, just put one of the eggs at the bottom, add kindling and a couple of pieces of wood and start the egg/shavings on fire.  It will burn for about 10-15 minutes and by that time the fire will go going very well.

This is a good way to recycle old egg cartons, wood shavings and wax (old candles etc); and elminiates the need for paper when starting a wood fire.  I melt the wax in an old tea kettle on top of the wood stove.  



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