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I use a combination of:
i)  Salt
ii) Vinegar
iii) Hot Water
iv) Dish Soap

Over time, drains do begin to smell. There may be nothing blocking the drain, just some month old grease residue and remnants of the rest of the stuff that tends to go down the drain.

Mix about 1/2 gallon of it together, with the following quanapplesies:

    1 cup vinegar
    1/2 cup table salt (not coarse!!)
    Enough soap to make it "sudsy"

Pour it down the drain and let it sit in the trap for 10 - 15 minutes, then flush with more hot water.

I do that about once / monthly and it keeps the odor down rather well.

share and improve if i am wrong with the answer


Stinky sinks generally result from bacteria growth inside the overflow bowl part of the sink. Look around the inside top of the sink bowl and you'll see some overflow holes.

Bacteria can start growing inside the overflow bowl. The way to safely kill the bacteria is to get some hydrogen peroxide insde that sink bowl. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide (the kind you get at your local drug store).

The way we do is to put the hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and then spray, spray, spray through the overflow hole... making sure to spray in all directions into the bowl. Repeat as needed. This has worked well for us.

Another way would be to shove an old wash rag down the sink drain just far enough to stop up the place where the sink bowl overflow drains into the sink drain. Then take a funnel (will probably have to be a small size) and pour several bottles of hydrogen peroxide into the overflow hole. I could take a lot of hydrogen peroxide so spraying might be the simplest way.

However you do it, the trick is to introduce hydrogen peroxide into the sink overflow bowl. That will kill the bacteria and make your sink fresh as a daisy.

Our Best,
Thanks for sharing details.
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Our bathroom drains would stink to high heaven when we drained the tub, the stink would come out of the overflow drain as well as the sink drain.  I saw the post on here about using peroxide and put that into the drains and into the overflow and the stink is gone!!!  Excellent tip, thanks so much!!!

I boil my vinegar before pouring it over the baking soda that's in the drain.  You should cover the drain after pouring in the vinegar because there are gases.  Do not use drain for at least 30 min.  Good luck.


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