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Hi, Katie!  That was the EXACT sort of idea I was looking for!! :)
Sounds like a great idea.  I'll be trying it for sure!  Thanks a bunch!

Katie Kandalec:
Getting back to the refresh between baths. I have a long haired sheperd mix who can get a little funky. I use a store brand spray on detangler for children on his fur, and he smells like he just got a bath. It lasts for about a week. I think the brand name is Johnsons and Johnsons no tears detangler, but the Equate brand at walmart works just as well.

You sound like a wonderful Moma to me, Zoomama!  I've heard some good debates on the feeding issues, and also on the immunization issues.  I still immunize, but definitely have some reservations about it, and know that many dogs have been made sick or even killed with immunizations!  I've heard good arguments on all these issues.  The ones who come out sounding the least informed about anything though are the ones who think you have to feed your dog dogfood only.  
I went shopping tonight.  Disaster shopping--preps.  I am also prepping for my pups, but wonder how we would manage.  Very scary times.


congrats on the latest addition to your family, and i'm glad that spanky will have lucy for company while you're away.    

i'm away at work 12 hours a day myself, so i know what you mean about not being home to train a dog.  i've found, though, that dogs can train each other, so spanky may very well teach lucy the ropes while you are away from home!  3 of my dogs are in the basement together while i'm away, and the alpha in the group keeps the other two in line.  so funny!  

you are so right about the controversy in feeding opinions!  and it's even more difficult when you try to combine frugality with feeding your dog(s) the best.  

if i only had the little dogs, i'd make my own dog food.  it's hard to feel good about feeding your precious babies commercial food when there is NO regulation on dog food companies... and that means *anything* and *everything* yukky can be and *is* in your dog food.  bleah!  the old adage that "people food" is bad for your dog is not one i buy into.  cooked processed scraps are one thing, but fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc., are healthy for our four-footed babies!  

i've done a lot of research, and feed my dogs, cats, and ferrets INNOVA brand, which is pricey, but, frugally speaking, i've saved tons of buckage on vet bills (haven't been in years) and other health-related costs.  (they eat less in the long run because they get less useless filler).  (i don't immunize either, which is a whole 'nother can of worms.)  

i also give my dogs raw turkey necks to clean their teeth, and when chicken backs are available, my big dogs get them in the back yard.  yes, raw.  controversial, yes.  frugal, yes.  anyone interested in studying up on the pros and cons of feeding raw should do a web search for "barf" (bones and raw food) and check out the pros and cons.

best of luck to you and your babies, annie!  :)


 ;DNo offense taken, Zoomama!  Wow, that's quite a family you have there!!  I bet you need to find ways to save a buck here and there!  I got a 2nd pup 5 days ago, a Heinz 57 little girl, only 3 months old.  Spanky, my large Maltese (15 pounds) is a rescue and this new pup, to keep him company while I work is a pound puppy.  I'm getting too old to raise a puppy.  It would be okay if I could be here to train her, but having to be at work makes it tough.  I think she's going to eat me out of house and home, too!  I've always had just one, but took this giant step and hope it works out okay.  I really love my pup, Spanky (4 years old) and will one day love Lucy too! haha  Another controversial subject that people tend to feel strongly about is what they feed their dogs.  I feel that doing some cooking for your dogs, if that's what you want to do, doesn't hurt anything.  I know many who thing if it isn't "dog food" then it isn't good for them.  I feed "dog food" and supplement with boiled chicken breast.  Also, I tend to share bites of what I'm eating, too.  I'm a softie!  Not CHOCOLATE though, as just 3 oz. of bakers chocolate can kill a pup 20 pounds or less.  I moderate a pets board on another site and know that folks have strong opinions about caring for their pets--as do I.  But the main thing for sure is that we give them good care and proper nutrition and lots and lots of love!!! ;)


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