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i hope you don't think i was criticizing your bathing procedures... i was really just curious.  everyone has their own opinions and i'm always interested in what works for others.

fyi, though, i have a chihuahua (6) and minpin (3) who sleep with me, and neither of them have had a bath their entire lives (except for the rolling-in-the-stinky-thing-in-the-yard episodes).  and my bigger dogs (2 akitas, a lab, a dobe mix, and a brittany spaniel mix) are house dogs, too, who rarely, if ever, have been bathed.  i think our beloved pets have the natural ability to clean themselves (i can bury my face in my akita's fur and she smells fresh as a daisy, too)  :D

i don't say this to argue your bathing routine, but to point out to others that frequent bathing *may not* be necessary.  as i mentioned about my ferrets, i can attest to the fact that bathing them more frequently actually increases the odor produced by their glands, and i'm convinced from my 25+ years of pet ownership (and rare bathing) that bathing is not always necessary.

again, please understand i'm not arguing with what works for you... in keeping with the topic of being "frugal" however, i have one bottle of pet shampoo in my cupboard that has lasted me for years, not to mention the savings in my water bill!  ;)

please give your baby a hug for me!


My pup is my companion and sleeps in my bed.  He doesn't have any more odor on his skin after a week than you or I would if we went a week without bathing.  I don't believe any of the negative things that some think about bathing  or the school of thought that bathing cannot be done frequently.  So long as you do not dry their skin out and most importantly, rinse thoroughly, there are NO problems associated with bathing once per week.  Those who own Maltese and other similar fur babies tend to keep their pup as clean and as well cared for as most do their child.  Clean, well moisturized, well rinsed skin is always going to be healthier than skin that is not cleaned regularly.  I use baby shampoo on Spanky's head and face and a mild, moisturizing shampoo on his body and rinse very well.  You can bury your face in his fur and give him a kiss and he smells as fresh as a clean baby (most of the time).  His skin is healthy, too!  Let's say you normally shampoo your hair every day, but one week you're sick and go 3 days without shampooing.  By that 3rd day, there is a definite odor forming about your scalp, and if you can't shampoo, you might temporarily freshen with baby powder, baking soda, or some such product.  This is the type of freshning I'm referring to.  The chlorophil thread probably sounded like I meant something else.  Spanky is my baby!

hi annie! ›

i'm just curious why your doggie gets a bath once a week??? ›i'm wondering if the reason his fur needs to be refreshed/freshened during the week is the result of too many baths?

i have 7 dogs/10 ferrets/2 cats (all indoor), most of which haven't had baths in over a year, and none of which carry an odor (long-hair and short alike). ›they get baths when they get dirty or roll in something in the yard. › :P  the last 2 ferrets we got from someone who bathed them weekly, and we read that bathing them too frequently stimulates their oils and glands and actually causes more odor.

just a thought...

zoomama › ;D

 :)Thanks, Randal!  I'll check that out!  I can't get them to use the chew treats with chlorophyl, but maybe putting some in the the water will work!  Thanks, I'll check it out! :)

Forum Admin:
We have had several clients tell us that when they put chlorophyll in their dogs water their smell improves greatly.  We give it to our cats all the time and they have no smell.

More information can be found at

Hope that helps.

Randal - Editor of The Frugal Life News


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