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Problem with Black Widow Spiders


Here's a site with information on them and other types of spiders:

How to Identify and Treat Black Widow Spider Bites

We've used a Black Salve to draw out the toxins and to help to heal the wound:

I alternated between the Black Salve and the Golden Salve after Day One and never had any symptoms other than redness and a bit of pain initially.

Herbal salves have come in handy around our house many many times especially for cuts that we would've had to get sapplesches for.  Capsicum powder (cayenne) stops the bleeding and then the Golden Salve has healed the wounds.  I cut my finger with a tree saw down to the bone and used this method and now see only a fine hairline scar.  

When I was a kid I got sapplesches on one of my fingers and there's a big scar for that.  Keeping an Herbal Medicine Chest makes some "emergencies" a lot easier and less expensive.

Herbal Medicine Chest info:


If you do not have pets, you could try glue traps. I would put one in the corner of each step.

If you have access to the area under the stairs
I would check for a nest or spiders being under there.
The nest/web looks sort of like a small cotton ball.
It will be tucked into a corner somewhere, so look over every thing well with a good flashlight.
Had experience with these scary things years ago.

There is a spray specifically to kill spiders since
insecticide does not kill them. I think I have seen
it in the gardening section of Lowe's. But any lawn and
garden store probably has this item.

I don't like using poisons but if these stairs are in your home these spiders don't belong there!

Good luck.

I've been having a problem with some black widow spiders. They're on my stairs and I literally run up my stairs and run down in fear of being bitten. I killed one once and I thought that was the end of that, but then I spotted another one on my stairs. Does anybody know an effective and cheap way on how to kill these venemous black widows? It's a good think they're usually shy and run away from me when they hear me running down/up the stairs. However, I still I don't want to get too close to them. I think there are only a few spiders... I'm not sure if there are any spider babies or egg sacs.


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