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Making Nail Polish Last Longer


Also, I read in a magazine that a manicure can be prolonged by periodically doing touch-ups over the tips of your nails, which are vulnerable to typing, finger-tapping, etc.  Make sure you actually pull the brush over the top of the nail.  

I know this isn't a very 'natural' or 'frugal' suggestion, but it will probably make one or your usual manicuresor pedicures last three times longer--thus saving frustration, time, and, of course, nail polish and remover.  OPI has a wonderful product called ChipSkip that is applied first to the nails, before anything else.  It is recommended that you then apply basecoat, but I skipped that and went straight to two coats of OPI polish, and then the base/top coat.  I am convinced the ChipSkip worked wonders, because my pedicure has lasted long over a week, and still looks like it was applied yesterday.  I have done the base coat/ 2 coats of polish/ top coat for a long time, but the pedicure never lasted more than five days.  

Nail polish will last long and go on smoother if you clean your fingernails with white vinegar before applying polish.


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