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Dieting With Vinegar


I have a wonderful recipe for a tonic that makes this a much easier thing to do.  Purchase 1 can of frozen apple juice concentrate and 1 can of frozen white grape juice concentrate.  Prepare both cans as directed in a large enough pitcher.  Fill one can half-way with apple cidar vinegar and pour in. Mix all together and drink.  This makes alot of juice and it tastes more like apple juice or white grape juice so you don't get the taste of apple cidar vinegar as much.  I was making it and drinkiing it on a regular basis and it was not hard to do.  The only reason I'm not drinking it now is because I ran out of ingrediants and forgot to buy them the last few times I've gone shopping and then it was almost completely gone from my mind LOL.  

Dieting With Vinegar

Taking a bit of apple cider vinegar with or just before meals isolates the fat in food adn it passes through the system.  Diet clinics often use this trick and it seems to work great.


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