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*grin*  Okay, first, dump a box of baking soda where it stinks...  

Second, get a motion activated sprinkler and set it up there.  Cats HATE getting wet.  

There are some cleaners meant for getting rid of urination odors such as OUT!...  They are usually on the pet food aisle or sometimes the cleaning supplies aisle.  Clean anything above the dirt with those...  


Try shaking cayanne pepper heavily there. Once the cat goes to lick its paws and gets a hot mouth he will put two and two together and realize he's not going back to your yard.

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You might want to check out on the Frugal Life site

If its in the dirt, I would replace the dirt by digging up the infected dirt.  If its on the wall, I would seal the spot with Kilz or something similar or use the product I reference below.  Then paint over it.  The link I referenced above has some good ways to limit cats coming to your property.

A product specific to removing pet urine ordors can be found at

This product has been used in kennels, barns and stalls effectively.

Hope that helps.

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There should be commercial products available at your local pet store or veterinary supply store.  Be careful of applying them to plants.  Read the label; some of these  can kill your  plants.
Another solution is to scatter mothballs on the ground.  Most cats hate them. ;)


Outside of my window, there is a spot that neighborhood cats have chosen to use as their urinal or they have sprayed,  The smell is so strong that it can be smelled even with the window is closed.  Summer is the worst.  Is there anything that I can apply on the area that will prevent them from spraying there?  Or to kill the odor?  HELP!!


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