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Before you use Oxyclean be sure to test the material first on an inconspicuous spot.  I ruined some fabric last year with Oxyclean because I didn't test it first.

I found that oxiclean took the stains out of some vintage pillow cases I had stored in a closet.  Because I was concerned about the age of the fabric and the handmade lace I was careful to not use really warm water. Everything came out really well.

Brown spots on old fabric is usually caused by it coming in contact with paper or wood, which is acidic.  As a quilter, I have heard that spots can be successfully removed from washable fabric by soaking in Oxyclean.  A good way to store fabric items is in a pillowcase, never in plastic bags or in a gift box or cedar chest.  Hope this helps.

Lillian Leyenaar:
I would like ideas on how to get brown spots out of OLD material--like tablecloths, linens, antique samplers, ring-bearer pillow from 32 years ago, etc.


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