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Crazy Shedding Dog


It wasnt the thyroids, the panels the ran were excellent
and the tested for heart worms and other parsites and she was good but they did find the culprit to her cause my next door nieghbor was giving her chocolate everyday which was causing her system to shut down,so i told him give her chocolate again you will pay me 2,300.00 dollars for her for thats her value so he stopped.just glad we caught it in time

LostGirl, what did the new vet say?

Thank You Robin,
Have to find a new vet right away because not going to use the one i have now anymore i have done everything he has asked even using headlice shampoo on her.but now she has gone to eating grass and throwing up?can chih really take a owners sickness???TY

I am going to recommend a full blood panel at the vet and I suspect that it could be thyroid.  Most short haired dogs don't have hair fall out unless their is an underlying problem.  My parents chih sheds all the time though and her hair sticks to everything.  


I have a 3 year old Chiwawa <--short who really never shed alot but just about 3 weeks ago she started shedding very badly hair is in groves when she gets up or falls out very bad during baths i mean hand fulls can someone help me?


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