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very cool!  thanks for sharing!

This is a great idea!... Recently I went into a shabby & chic store and they had made a bench out of an old iron twin bed. They either cut or removed the metal sides and used the headboard as the back of the bench. They then cut the footboard into two pieces and attached each side to the side of the headboard where the side rails were supposed to be. They then cut & attached a piece of wood  to use as the seat of the bench & padded this in a really pretty print. It was TOO CUTE!!! And, expensive, too... Bet I could make one of these?!

 I'm going to start looking for old chairs and headboards and make myself one of these! Thanks for the instructions! You are truly a creative genius!( I bet the former tenants, if they ever see your bench, are going to kick themselves for not taking along their chairs and making one of their own....)


Hi everyone,  I have some thing I made recently and had many compliments on.  A porch bench!! I found 2 old iron dining room chairs in the back yard when I moved. I took off the seats, I painted them white, put the chairs facing each other, cut a piece of plywood the length and width (1/4 inch wider on each side), screwed two 1x4's on each side for the front and back. I got sponge batting and an old sheet to cover the plywood stapled it to the plywood and screwed the plywood to the two chairs from the seats of the chairs. I then went to a garage sale (I love garage sales)!  I found a wicker head board for $5 and screwed it to the back of the bench. it was so pretty everyone wanted to know where to get one like it.  Kajunbelle


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