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Less Expensive Shea Butter and Flower Water


Shea Butter is a great moisterizer for the most sensitive skin, and for the most dry skin. I've used it with success on very dry skin where nothing else worked, and it's not irritating. I have friends who use it on thier face & eyes with no irritation. But - it can be expensive. Especially the designer scented ones.
I've found shea butter (either fragrance free /refined or all natural raw) at web sites selling "soap making supplies" in bulk for as little as $5 or $6 for about 8 to 16 oz (as opposed to $20 or $30 for 4 oz in stores) - there is no fancy packaging, but who cares. Also - you can add essential oil to it to make it fragranced yourself. I've also found liquid shea buttter for much less than at stores.
I also like flower water - mostly rose - but other nice ones are lavander, cammomile, and there are a variety of them. I spray them on my face as a toner, moisturizer, you can also add them to the bath, use as linen spray or air freshner...they can be expensive also. The same search on-line for "soap making supplies" brings up sites which sell a great variety of flower water at larger quanapplesies for much less than getting it in a store.
Just google or yahoo "soap making supplies" and search through the various get a lot of great "ingredients" sold in bulk for cheap --- and they may be individual items you would use on thier own - but are packaged and sold in stores for much higher prices.


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