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Just bought older condo.....smell of curry/cooking


YES! Try the baking soda.  I use this on my area rugs to get out dog fur smells and it is very effective.

This is how I do it:

Fill a spray bottle with half water/half white vinegar.  LIGHTLY spray carpet and dust with baking soda (it is often cheaper to buy in bulk at your local natural food store).  Let sit for a few hours (the baking soda will absorb the vinegar and then dry). Vacuum.  Repeat if necessary.

If you have carpet, I would suggest baking soda mixed with an essential oil like lavender.  Sprinkle liberally and let is sit maybe overnight before vacuuming up?  Here is a link to lavender:

You could mix a few drops with a box of baking soda in a shaker and shake liberally.

Also, I have found that coffee sitting out helps absorb odors.  You may want to consider washing down all washable surfaces with vinegar water.

I wonder if the ceilings need to be washed with vinegar water as well?

Good luck!

HI all....
Any hints or suggestions......for curry/cooking smells that have set in? Just bought an older condo....have had cleaned it extensively and it is better but still lingering. Thanks.....


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