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Low Cost Ways To Encourage Others


Just read this wonderful post today.

I have always tried to give to others and enjoy hearing about others who do so.

I have been down & out financially (due to health problems) for over a year now and have received precious little help or encouragement from anyone.  I have found this very discouraging and I have become a little cynical.  This post made me feel better.

Q.  Hi,  just wanted to say I enjoy your news letter...a suggestion...have
people tell little positive things they do that don't cost a lot to help
others each week...It would help celebrate the season all year long.. An
example for Christmas is something we do. Every yr. now for 16 yrs. we have
had a Christmas family. We don't know them but some how God always has some
one tell us of someone in need. Not always a down and out person, just
someone struggling that year, sometimes it is a young single Mom and
sometimes its a dad out of get the idea. Several of our
friends and loved ones give an amount of money that they can spare..It
doesn't have to be a lot but added together it adds up.We have one person
call and ok our giving to then and get sizes etc. Santa delivers all the
gifts from Jesus that way no one knows where they come from. Then a friend
and I go shopping watching for sales..My son in law was given a Santa suit
and my daughter goes as an elf that drives Santa  and helps put the things
under the tree. Now my grandkids are getting into the act too..My husband
goes along and takes pictures..After the holiday we send the pictures to the
family, And thank you notes to those who have blessed the family..You would
be surprised when people hear what we do they give us money. We have had
families get on their feet and want to help the next yr. family..And
sometimes someone goes and starts doing a family on their own..which is what
we want..If every one help one another we would be a better world. I read
where if every church in America took 7 families we could do away with
welfare..I don't know if that is a true fact but it is something to think
about.. You can do things like this any month of the year, and don't need a
holiday, we just chose this because of being given the Santa suit..They
started the year they were married. We have been so blessed by this more
than we have blessed the families..A couple of them on the verge of divorce
have gotten back struggles put a lot of strain on people.
It would be nice to read every week of things people do to bless others and
maybe give us some ideas to do too..Have a wonderful holiday..we will, Santa
is delivering a son to a young Mom with 2 little boys and we are all
excited..Keep up the good work...God Bless


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