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Reusing those (Annoying) AOL cd's & plastic cases!

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The Cds make great paint pallets for the budding artist.  They are especially good for paints that need nonporus surfaces to prevent them from drying out.

You can also hang the CD's on fruit-bearing trees to scare away the birds.  I know someone that does this and he says it works well. :o

Don't know if this has been mentioned before in this forum because I'm new, but I've found a useful way to use those cd's & cd cases that you receive in the mail, soliciting your business as an internet service provider.  I've seen the cd's used as coasters to hold drinks & as Christmas tree ornaments.  Save them for any creative craft project that you or your children could use later on when a genius idea strikes! As for those black plastic holders that the cd's come in--I keep a few on hand to use as "rental" dvd jackets when my neighbors or friends want to borrow one of my movie dvd's to watch. Instead of giving them the original movie sleeve, I take out the dvd itself and put it in one of those generic plastic cases. That way my original sleeve stays nice & clean at home!


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