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We were gone for a few days, and when we returned the eggs were gone.  We're not sure what happened to them as some heavy equipment was being used in the area.  We no longer get to see Mama Killdeer distracring us with her "broken wing". :)
Thanks for the information.  Maybe it'll come in handy in the future again.  ~KathyM

Killdeer are easily stressed but if you have to move the nest, the time to do it is with the eggs.  Here's an example of it being done with great care to build the nest back and position the eggs just like the parent bird had them:

As you can see at this link, moving it with the babies in the nest would not be an option:

If you are successful, please let me know with a response to this post.


There is a Killdeer nesting in our gravel driveway, and I am wondering if it'd be possible to move her nest.  If it's possible, should we do it now while there are eggs, or wait until the birds hatch?


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