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Great way to store grocery bags.

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Travel Guy:
We have a plastic unit made for storing bags hanging in our basement stairwell but it is not near the cat's litter box. Using a Kleenex box is a great idea for that!

I use an empty Dr Pepper (or any soft drink) 12 pk carton to store mine.  The little opening at the top where you open the carton so it can be used as a dispenser is the perfect size to stuff grocery bags into and it holds a ton of them.  I just spray painted it to make it look a little prettier and it fits nicely under my kitchen sink.  ~ Wen

I used junegem13's idea for rolling up plastic bags and it works really well. It freed up a lot of space in my cabinet.

Another way to store plastic bags is to take the center tube from paper towels and stuff them into it. they store great. and dont take up much room..

My GIL 'reduces' the size of her bags prior to storing- so they take up less space.  She takes the bag (like white thank you grocery, kmart, walmart etc bags) and pulls them into a long strip, then wraps it around her finger and then pulls the end kinda through the loop where her finger was to kinda tie it off.  Hope the 'directions' make sense.  I thought it clever.


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