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Great way to store grocery bags.

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That's a great idea...I took an empty gallon water jug, cut a hole in the front and stuff them in there, sits nicely under my sink and I keep one by the kitty box too.  I like the kleenex box too!  Very cool!

Great idea. I'll be using the Kleenex box idea soon!

I found a great way to store grocery bags.  I use left over kleenex or puff boxes and stuff full of bags.   They can then be stored anywhere.   Throw one in the trunk of your vehicle and you will always have a bag when you need one.   I go to sams club and can grab the bags easily to get groceries into the house.    I need a bag there it is.   Never know when you need to put a dirty pair of shoes in a bag or dirty clothes or what ever you need one for it is there.   Another great container is a plastic potato chip container like pringles or lays stax.   Keeps the bags organized and easy to find when you need one.  


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